We are open to the public Mon - Fri 09.00hrs -17.00hrs Delayed nicaraguan maragogype is here!!!!!

Monsoon Estates Coffee Company are artisan coffee roasters based near Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, hand roasting small batches of coffee beans in a relentless quest to find the perfect cup of coffee. “We know it's not possible of course, but it's a journey of discovery and we're always getting closer”.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans
We roast coffee beans (almost) everyday to ensure you receive truly fresh coffee every time.
Hand Roasted Coffee
Roasting coffee beans is an artisan craft. We hand roast every batch of beans and every roast is monitored from start to finish by a human being.
Micro Coffee Roastery
We're small and we roast in small batches which means that every roasting is done personally by Anne or Chris.

May aleady!!! Some of our supplies have been a little hit and miss lately.  Some simply due to poor harvests or late shipments, others because we are generally busier and we've just run out!

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