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Coffee Selection

Selection of 4 coffees with various origins, flavours and blends

£21.00 (4 x 227g bags)

Various Roasts

If you like to try different coffees this could be for you.

Every month we will select 4 different coffees for you.

Mostly medium roast. Some may come from our present webshop offerings, some will not.

Your selection may contain some wet processed coffees, some dry processed, some fruity coffees, nutty, chocolaty etc.

This month starting  Oct 1 at 0900hrs

Indian Kanbile Estate -  This is a direct trade coffee.  We have met the owners and my boys are travelling to India in November to visit the farm and try some other varieties/processes and generally have a good look around and see what is happening in thier world of coffee.  We're big fans of Asian coffee here at Monsoon.  I really hope we can do business with them.  This is a washed coffee, it's very mild in flavour and clean tasting.  I'm having a flat white now and it's simple but delicious! Suits all brew methods.

Nicaraguan Maragogype - Aromatic, sweet and nutty with a little citrus. The beans are sourced from various farms in Matagalpa and Jinotega. Maragogype elephant beans are a mutation of  Arabica Typica first discovered near the town of Maragogipe in Brazil. The trees yield smaller amounts of these massive coffee beans which makes them quite rare and espensive.  These days Maragoype beans are grown in several Central/South American countries but are still quite hard to come by. Suits all brew methods but on the acidic side if you're thinking for espresso.

Colombian Sierra Nevada - Sweet, caramel, hazelnut and chocolate with medium acidity. Shade grown by the Arhuacos, an indigenous group from Sierra Nevada, one of the highest coastal mountain ranges in the world. We were introduced to this great coffee by a Colombian lady, the lovely Luz, who we met last year. We did a little fundraising for these growers and she actually met the head of the community on her last last visit and presented them with a smart phone!  Of all the things we thought we could buy, this was what they wanted most!  I prefer in the good old cafetiere but I know some customers love from espresso machine so I guess it suits all brew methods.

Papua New Guinea Sigri - Sweet with hints of spice and chocolate. Sigri plantation was established in the 1950’s and rapidly gained a reputation that has continued to grow with Sigri being internationally recognised as producing a gourmet coffee equal to the worlds best for more than 20 years. This was the first time a coffee blew us away.  Supplies are never guaranteed and we had a dry period of about 3 years when we couldn't get any.  Happy to say we have it back again.  Amazing aroma and flavour.  Great coffee.  Suits all brew methods