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Coffee Selection

Selection of 4 coffees with various origins, flavours and blends

£21.00 (4 x 227g bags)

Various Roasts

If you like to try different coffees this could be for you.

Every month we will select 4 different coffees for you.

Mostly medium roast. Some may come from our present webshop offerings, some will not.

Your selection may contain some wet processed coffees, some dry processed, some fruity coffees, nutty, chocolaty etc.

This month Dec starting 2nd  as I forgot to change it on the 1st!!!! AGAIN!

NICARAGUAN Pacamara - Finca Las Nubes - Farm in the Clouds.  Pacamara beans are a hyrbrid between Maragogype (very large beans) and Pacas variety. This is a washed coffee. A lovely lighter tasting coffee, slightly nutty/chocolaty. Suits all brew methods.

WILL'S WINTER Blend - Great Taste 2 Gold Star winner 2016. A dry/natural processed coffee (where the beans are left inside the coffee cherries to dry) from Ethiopia and some Papua New Guinea blended to produce a fruity, winy chocolaty coffee. We think this coffee suits all brew methods but excels as an espresso with milk!  It's like pudding!

KENYAN AA Jungle Estate -  Stunning coffee from the Mt Kenya Highlands and a washed coffee.  This one is higher in acidity and I think best for filter/cafetiere. Really juicy and the main flavour I pick up is blackberry!

GUATEMALAN SHB - Strictly hard bean and high grown from near Lake Atlitlan.  Coffee from this area has a typical Guatemalan flavour.  A washed coffee. This one has a deep body, medium acidity and hints of citrus fruit.  Sweet and chocolaty! Suits all brew methods.