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Coffee Selection

Selection of 4 coffees with various origins, flavours and blends

£21.00 (4 x 227g bags)

Various Roasts

If you like to try different coffees this could be for you.

Every month we will select 4 different coffees for you.

Mostly medium roast. Some may come from our present webshop offerings, some will not.

Your selection may contain some wet processed coffees, some dry processed, some fruity coffees, nutty, chocolaty etc.

This month starting Aug 1st

Daterra Sweet Collection -  Gorgeous Brazilian coffee from excellent growers.  This one suits all brew methods.  Semi washed coffee with citrus and chocolate This bit of info from Daterra  'Our Collections are the top quality coffees from our current menu. They are the best coffees from our plantations and are completely processed using the Daterra Penta Process®. Those are coffees that score 86-89, fully traceable and usually used as single origins. This is our small to mid-size farm. A complex and beautifully bright coffee. A sweet citrus-like acidity makes the body of this coffee glisten with flavors of sweet mandarin, rich dark chocolate and caramel. The finish is filled with high notes of sweet fruits and bittersweet chocolate'.

Papua New Guinea Firedancer -  Grown in the Okapa  District of the Eastern Highlands at an altitude of up to 1750 metres above sea level. Varieties are Typica, Arusha and Bourbon and this is a wet processed coffee. Organically grown and Fairtrade.  A full bodied coffee with aromas of spicy chocolate.  The flavours are dark raisin type fruit and plain chocolate with a bit of sweet smokiness.  This is a bold espresso and absolutely made for milk!  The milk really highlights the chocolate.  It does suit all brew methods but we prefer from the espresso machine!  The best flat white!

Indian Mooley Manay - A new one for us  from growers in the western state of Karnataka. This is a natural processed coffee, medium roasted to retain a lovely earthy fruitiness.  I do think best in filter/cafetiere as quite acidic for an Asian coffee.  My boys will be visiting the farm in November so we hope to have a lot more info then.  We have 3 different lots here to try and this is the first. Really nice people and hoping this direct trade works out! I really hope you enjoy!

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - This is a really beautiful, delicate coffee with aromas of jasmine and citrus fruit. A sweet, clean, cup with fruit and chocolate.  A medium bodied coffee with good acidity.  Suits all brew methods but shines in filter/cafetiere. I love this coffee in any form and I think it can be quite amazing as an espresso.  I've even got Mr Monsoon onto it but he can't quite handle it with milk yet!