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Coffee Selection

Selection of 4 coffees with various origins, flavours and blends

£22.00 (4 x 227g bags)

Various Roasts

If you like to try different coffees this could be for you.

Every month we will select 4 different coffees for you.

Mostly medium roast. Some may come from our present webshop offerings, some will not.

Your selection may contain some wet processed coffees, some dry processed, some fruity coffees, nutty, chocolaty etc.



Will's Winter Blend - We wanted something rich and comforting and Will came up with this little beauty! It's a blend of medium and dark roast beans from Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia. The Ethiopian coffee is a natural, dry process, this is what gives the flavour it's boozy character.  The Papua New Guinea adds a bit of chocolate.

Rich, fruity, winy and chocolaty. We think this coffee suits all brew methods but excels as an espresso with milk!  It's like pudding!

Great Taste Awards gave it 2 Gold Stars in 2016 and also a star in 2019!


Hama washed - This is a really beautiful, delicate coffee with aromas of jasmine and citrus fruit. A sweet, clean, cup with fruit and chocolate.  A medium bodied coffee with good acidity.

Suits all brew methods but shines in filter/cafetiere. I love this coffee in any form and I think it can be quite amazing as an espresso.  I've even got Mr Monsoon onto it but he can't quite handle it with milk yet!  The best cold brew you'll ever taste! This is very like the Yirgacheffe on our web shop list but a little more scented.  Beautiful!


Espresso Blend - We got 3 Gold Stars in 2016 and top 50 producer for this coffee at the Great Taste Awards following on from the two stars we received for it in 2014. 2 more stars this year 2018!   This is becoming a firm favourite in some of the coffee shops we supply.  It has that traditional coffee shop flavour with a little extra fruit. 

Together these coffees produce a lovely rich, full bodied cup.  Sweet and chocolaty with just a hint of citrus fruit. Great espresso and also great with milk. This coffee does suit all brew methods.  Quite a few of our customers enjoy in a cafetiere and it also shines in the Aeropress.

As coffee is a natural product our blend will change with the characteristics of the current crops and availability.


Daterra Collection - They are the best coffees from the Daterra plantations and are completely processed using the Daterra Penta Process. Coffees that score 86-89, fully traceable and usually used as single origins.


This is a washed coffee. Clean, crisp with stable flavours. Complex and elegant this coffee offers sweet fruity aroma with pleasant acidity.  Lot's of talk of fruitiness which I must say I don't get. I get vanilla on the nose and flavour too but no fruit! It has a smooth body and caramel/vanilla finish. Hope you enjoy another little gem from these fab growers!

Sweet clean little espresso and beautifully smooth with milk. Enjoy!