Elephant and beans
Ethiopian Hama Natural

Medium bodied, fruity, winy and floral. Natural/Dry Process

£6.75 (227 g bag)

Medium Roast

If, like me, you enjoy dry processed or natural coffees you really should try this. It's one of the most delicious coffees we have ever tasted!

Made up of approximately 1,500 members, the Hama Cooperative has been slowly increasing its output of washed and natural coffee through the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union in recognition of its commitment to quality and connections to a wider market, enabling them to get a better price. The Union itself represents 23 member cooperatives and offers wet and sundried processing for members as well as exportation.
The coffee from here is grown at high altitudes in Iron rich soils with a spread of genetic diversity provided by the heirloom varietals. Natural processed coffees are sun-dried with the cherries on mats placed in raised beds and monitored until the cherry reaches 11.5% moisture, before being taken to a hulling machine to remove the dried flesh and parchment. For washed processing, the moisture is 12%, the coffee first being floated to remove debris and the underripes before being fermented and pulped as usual. Further sorting and removal of the bean from parchment is carried out in the Union owned facilities in Addis Ababa.

This has to be one of the most beautiful coffees we have ever had. 

Great Taste awarded it 2 Gold Stars 2018.

Medium bodied, good acidity, sweet pungent aroma, juicy, tooty fruity flavours, DELICIOUS!

We think best in cafetiere.  Some customers do use in espresso machine, it's all a personal taste thing.