Guatemalan Atitlan

Sweet, chocolaty and slightly floral

£5.00 (227 g bag)

Medium Roast

Temporary replacement for Monte Rosa

The Atitlan coffee growing region surrounds Lake Atitlan in Guatemala near three volcanic mountains and near the Pacific Ocean. This area receives abundant rainfall all year around, averaging more than 50mm of rain in every month.

Coffees from the Atitlan region are known for their full body, spicy or floral acidity and rich, aromatic flavour. The coffee cherry are harvested from December into March.

Atitlan coffee grows at elevations from 4,000 feet to 5,900 feet above sea level where coffee pests and diseases provide very few problems and the humidity level is about 75%. Most of the coffee farms are about 12 hectares in size.

The coffee plants of the Atitlan region are typically fertilized with organic matter instead of chemical fertilizers. Some farmers use the waters of Lake Atitlan during the wet processing of the coffee cherry, and then the coffee beans are sun-dried.

This is a lovely little coffee and replaces Monte Rosa until the new crop arrives in April.  It's sweet, chocolaty and slightly floral. Suits all brew methods.  Great filter/cafetiere.