3 March 2019

March Already!

Some of our supplies have been a little hit and miss lately.  Some simply due to poor harvests or late shipments, others because we are generally busier and we've just run out!
Coffee is a natural product, a crop that harvests once or twice a year.  I have to book my coffee a year ahead to ensure availability for the year.  I'm sorry if some of you are disappointed when a coffee runs out.  I used to be devastated but have learned that  when something isn't available it makes me look for an alternative which is sometimes better.  It's actually more exciting!

Changes online recently have been removal of Nicaraguan Pacamara, (don't despair as the Maragogype returns next month), removal of Will's Winter Blend (hopefully spring is just around the corner), addition of our wonderful Papua New Guinea Sigri and of the lovely Peruvian Aprysa.  Our Guatemalan Monte Rosa is in short supply until new harvest arrives in April.  In meantime try Guatemalan Atitlan.

2 December 2018

Christmas opening hours and other stuff!

Here at Monsoon Estates we've had an absolutely amazing year.  New roastery, new staff, new customers, new coffees and some new Great Taste Awards.  It doesn't get much better!

This year, as we've hardly had any days off, we've decided to close between Christmas and New Year.
Our last working day will be Saturday 22nd December at  Warwick Market with coffee and mince pies.  We'll also take the coffee machine to the Friday market in Stratford 21st, to make coffee for you too.

Back again on January 2nd.

Last internet orders will be dispatched on Friday 21st. 

Last posting days before Christmas Tuesday 18 December 2nd class
Thursday 20 December 1st class

Now that's out of the way, COFFEE........

Apologies to all you Papua New Guinea fans out there for running out of supplies.  Our last shipment, due in October, didn't arrive as the ship missed it's connection in Singapore (the nature of coffee I'm afraid).  Fingers crossed it should dock on 5th of December so we should get our hands on some next week!

Will's Winter Blend  is back.  Rich, spicy, fruity, boozy and chocolaty!

Kenyan Jungle Estate  arrived recently after a long absence.  We've had it before but not every year and like many coffees it changes from season to season.  This year expect blackberries!  It's lovely but very limited supplies.

Papua New Guinea Sigri AA   After a two year absence we've finally managed to get our hands on this gorgeous coffee again.  Sigri was one of the first coffees that blew us away when we first started roasting.  I'm so excited that we'll be able to offer this again!

The following list has just some of the new coffees that will make an appearance in the New Year.

Daterra Sweet Collection   
Daterra Bourbon Collection          
Daterra Blossom                             
Daterra Moonlight
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Aramo natural
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Dumerso natural
Ethiopian Sidamo Deri Kocha natural
Kenyan AA Maganjo washed
Yemeni Mocha Matari natural


14 September 2018

Great Taste Awards 2018

As many of you know we did really well at the Great Taste Awards this year. You can see the listing on the Great Taste Awards web site by searching for Monsoon Estates.

Ethiopan Shalaitu           3 stars
Espresso decaf              2 stars
Monsoon Espresso            2 stars
Guatemalan Guayaba          2 stars
Ethiopian Sidamo Shakisso   2 stars
Ethiopian Hama              2 stars

Great Taste themselves say two stars is above and beyond delicious with less than 15% of entries making the grade. Three stars is extraordinarily tasty with less than 3% of products awarded 3-stars each year.

Some of these coffees like our Monsoon Espresso are firm favourites and generally available in the shop with the rest we're going to offer a different one each month so you get a chance to try them all. We're kicking off with Ethiopian Hama available in the shop now. It's a cooperative coffee from Kochore and high grown!

31 May 2018

A few videos

A few little videos that some people have made featuring us.
I just thought they deserved to be shared!
Hope you enjoy!

Our lovely friends Emily Barker and Lukas Drinkwater (fantastic musicians)  with Jon Carroll on a recent road trip.  Showing their love of coffee!!  I found this really funny!
Coffee on the Road

This one from Kasia, a bundle of energy, a foodie and coffee nut and lovely soul who wanted to do a little video and showcase our new roastery!
Things about Roasters

Another foodie and coffee nut visiting us from The Netherlands, watch his expression when we introduce him to a big, bold coffee.  Hilarious!
Dijon visits the Roastery

We even had some music sent to us from the lovely, talented Ceinwen to soothe me!
Monsoon Malabar Blues



31 March 2018

March News

01789 459073

We're still a bit rough and ready but we're in and loving it.
The location is beautiful just wait until you see it!  
The new layout works so well for us, separate roastery, packing room and store!

As some of you are only too aware, the markets in Stratford and Warwick were cancelled this weekend due to poor weather. Really sorry for the inconvenience but quite thankful for extra days off! 

Mr Monsoon and I had an over nighter in London early in the week to visit our importers, cup some new coffees and learn a bit more about Fairtrade.  Look out for a new Sumatran coffee in April, we hope!
Sumatra is suffering from bad weather this year and new crop could be 50% down.  Yes this means some coffees won't be available and others might have quite a price hike but this is when we often find great new alternatives!

We missed out on the trip to Myanmar couple of weeks ago as we were in the throws of moving the roastery.  It looks like an amazing place and we hope to visit another time.
Maybe we'll go to Brazil later in the year or slight possibility to visit some coffee farms in Papua New Guinea.  Watch this space.

DATERRA SWEET COLLECTION  is back due to public demand.  It is a beautiful, clean, sweet, elegant coffee and will be back on the webshop next week.
MEXICAN TERRUNO  NAYARITA  is returning also due to popular demand.  A milder coffee, haven't roasted any of latest delivery yet so tasting notes to follow.
PERUVIAN APRYSSA is here and selling like hot cakes!  Another milder coffee slight coconut, nutty and chocolaty.  Fairtrade and organically grown coffee.

We're always on the look out for new and exciting coffees. 
Keep up to date with us on Facebook. Twitter or Instagram 
Little Video of our New Place

Keep warm and drink more coffee!

Happy brewing

Anne and the team.

16 December 2017

Christmas Hours

Our last posting day for internet orders will be Wed 20th December.......and some BIG news!

Hello coffee lovers!  Hard to believe Christmas is almost here.

Our webshop will be closed from the 20th Dec until the 2nd January.
Any orders received during this period will be posted on 2nd.
Any subscription orders will be  sent as close to their due date as possible.

We will be at Stratford upon Avon Market on Friday 22nd Dec and at Warwick Market on the 23rd.
Hot coffee and cheer at those markets for all our customers!  Hope to see you there.
We're not entirely sure if the markets are on again the next week but we will NOT be there.

All that out of the way now onto the  nice stuff!

New coffees coming your way in 2018

A natural Ethiopian Sidamo light and bright, a washed Mexican, a washed Peruvian, a natural Yemeni, wild and winy and of course our new Myanmar coffees which have rested and are good to go!

The BIG news is that because you have all supported us so fantastically well this past year we have grown again and we no longer fit into our little roastery at 3b Grove so are on the move!

We're happy to report that we are staying on the beautiful Alscot Estate but are moving to a different settlement.  The building is going to be double the size of our exiting place and we hope a busy and exciting year lies ahead!

I've said this before but we really couldn't do it without you, thank you!
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year full of good luck and coffee!

Anne and the coffee gang!

24 September 2017

Web site changes!

We've been waiting for this for a long time!

For those of you who know us, you'll know that for some time, we have been talking about making some changes to our website.  Well it has finally happened!

Beautiful new illustrations to our coffee page by the wonderful Claire Henley.

Also the long awaited coffee subscription page is live!  This will change and evolve as we use it more.

You can view the subscription page here

Thanks to all who heard our mention again on Radio 2 Simon Mayo Show last week and let us know!

Thanks also for your patience and  for buying your coffee here!

We couldn't do it without you!

New coffees coming soon including more Colombian honey, naturals from Ethiopia - Harrar, Sidamo and Yirgacheffe and our Myanmars too!

Happy Autumn as the trees around us at Alscot are just starting to change colour, beautiful time of the year!


From Anne and the coffee gang!

16 July 2017

New Coffee

Hello everyone.  It's been a while and I just don't know where the time goes! Sorry for shoddy newsletter writing, one day I  might get the hang of it and be a bit more regular too!

First coffee to get a mention is our long standing, big favourite, Indian Monsoon Malabar. Regulars for this coffee know it changes a little over the year and from season to season. Our importers are now offering a more traceable coffee.  Coming from the Sakalespur area Manjarabad region in India.  It is a dry processed coffee and is monsooned just like our past supplies. (Exposed to the monsoon wind and rain which changes the raw coffee beans flavour and lowers their acidity) What this means for you is that the coffee, hopefully, will be more stable and consistent.  It's not quite as bitey as it used to be and a little smoother.

Another favourite  El Salvador Pacamara from Finca Las Delicias is back. These beautiful beans are on the milder side (like all washed coffee from this region) sweet and delicate with vanilla and milk chocolate.  Some people get florals and citrus.  See what you think!

The long awaited Nicaraguan Maragogype (elephant sized bean)  is back in stock.  Haven't roasted any yet but looking for sweet nuttiness with great body.  Be on the site this week.

Our newest coffee and a first for the UK is from Myanmar (Burma). I have a natural and a washed coffee coming this week.  Really excited to try this very new offering. If you take a look at our Facebook page you can see some info on this new and exciting project or simply look at  news post under this one! Monsoon Estates Facebook

If I ever get time off roasting this may be a great origin for me to visit as we have been following the project closely since it's beginning.  Watch this space.

Finally, we have been able to get our hands on more of the beautiful Colombian honey processed from La Esperanza.  Be with us soon. I promise!

So you see, lots of exciting new coffees on the way.

Hoping too that you're all having a fabulous summer.  Today's been a good one here with Roger Federer winning Wimbledon and Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone.  Glass of fizz as I write this before early to bed.  I think it's going to be hot in the roastery this week so early starts!