12 September 2015

Exciting new product!

Great little piece in Daily Coffee News about Cotswold Distillery's new product with our coffee!

31 July 2015

Beyond Excited!

Hello everyone!

We are just so excited today as the arrival of some of our long awaited, special coffees, has been announced!   

Mexican is back from next week!  New harvest, ofcourse, so may not be exactly as last season but fingers crossed!

Papua New Guinea ENORGA, yes ENORGA is finally here!!!  Been waiting for this very a long time.  When we started buying this coffee 3 or 4 years ago it was always available to buy.  Now that everyone has cottoned on to the fact that this is special, we have to book well ahead to be sure of supplies.   To say I've bought a ton of the stuff is an understatement!

A WILD Ethiopian coffee next month and I can hardly wait!   Haven't tasted it yet and beside myself with excitement!

TWO new Swiss Water decaffeinated coffees.  An Honduran and a blend called Cascadia.  Have a look here for descriptions

We also have x2 Ethiopian Yirgacheffe dry processed coffees and the fantastic fruity/winy mocha from Harar!

Crikey!  It just goes on and on doesn't it!

I think I might have overdone it this time!!!



12 July 2015

Summer Is Here

I can't believe it's been 3 months since our last post!  What it means, of course, is that we've been really busy here.

We've run out of some of our favouite coffees again this year.   It's hard for me to know how much to order sometimes as we're growing like the clappers!  I don't want to order too much of a new coffee incase we don't like it and sometimes if I get samples, by the time I go back to my importer to order, the lot has already been sold.  It can be a bit frustrating but it also makes the whole process fun too!   Always trying new coffees and trying to find something a little different is what keeps it fun.

Extra events so far this year have been:

WARWICK FOOD FESTIVAL  The first food fest for the town and it was a huge success.  The weather was good and the town was packed.  We sold out quite early and more importantly for us met lots of new customers.  

DAYLESFORD ORGANIC SUMMER FESTIVAL   Chris always enjoys himself at this lovely event. Beautiful surroundings and really well organised little market.  He said it was really lovely to see so many of our customers there too! It's just so lovely when our customers  turn out to support us.  This  was by invitation from the Great Taste Markets. 

BOX BROWNIE and BROTHERS MCLEOD   This was a lovely evening of drinks and chat hosted at Box Brownie  showcasing some fabulous art work by the talented  Brothers McLeod  The Canines and Coffee exhibition can still be viewed in the coffee shop featuring the star of the show HIPSTER HOUND! 

ALSCOT CHARITY CLAY SHOOT    As most of you know, our roastery is based on the beautiful Alscot Estate.  They are big supporters of local charity and this year held a  clay shoot  in support of  Stratford upon Avon Hospital. We were there making cups of coffee and tea.  It was good fun and although it poured rain all day spirits remained high!   A huge effort from everyone  raised over £26,000!

Cheers everyone and thanks for using us!

We really do appreciate it!

Anne Chris and Will


12 July 2015

Coffee Stuff

We  have had a sniff of some Papua New Guinea Sigri and are following up on this!  Fingers crossed! Papua New Guinea Enorga (long awaited) is expected to hit our shores in October.  Again, fingers crossed!

We managed to get hold of  some Nicaraguan Pacamara. We've been looking for Maragogype (the elephant sized beans) from Nicaragua for a long time and as none available or just too expensive have tried this alternative. Pacamara is a hybrid of Maragogype and Pacas beans so are quite large.  They roast beautifully,  have good acidity and taste quite nutty! 

The new harvest Ethiopian's are starting to trickle through.  We have the most stunning and delicate Negele Gurbitu washed Yirgacheffe.  It's certified organic and fairtrade and will be on the site soon. We also have a small amount of Negele natural Yirgacheffe.  It has that typical heavy body of natural/dry processed coffee but is more delicate in flavour than I expected. We have some more naturals arriving this month and next.  Yirgacheffe and Harar.  EXCITED!

OH I NEARLY FORGOT!  We have a REAL wild Ethiopian coffee arriving in the next few weeks and I can't wait!

Mexican should be back end of this month.  I know this was really popular last year so I've ordered a good amount this time!

5 April 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Hello everyone!

Hoping you're all well and having a great start to the year.

Just a little update on things here at Monsoon Estates.

Our new Brazil coffees are here and we have kicked off on the web with Full Bloom from Daterra.  It is sweet with flavours of nuts and even some fruit. A 'natural' processed coffee with good body and suitable for all brew methods.

The Peruvian Swiss Water decaf is sweet and soft and chocolaty.

Our new Papua New Guinea Elimbari is proving popular.  As some of you know we bought this to fill in the gap for the beautiful Enorga (which should be back in the summer).  Although not as heavy in body as the Enorga this one still has a lovely chocolaty taste.  It is also more fragrant with slightly more complex flavour.

Yemeni Mocha Matari has not disappointed us!  It will be on the web site soon - I promise! Another great 'natural' processed coffee.  Heavy in body with good acidity and the most fantastic winy,  gamey, chocolaty mocha taste you will ever experience! I will concede this won't be for everyone as some of the 'naturals' have very unusual flavours but we just love it!  It's rare (I don't see it for sale very often) and also on the more expensive side but I think it's one that coffee lovers should try at least once!

We took delivery of another from Papua New Guinea on Thurs.  This one is to replace the beautiful Sigri, which will be coming to an end this year.  No more Sigri available  it seems!  Always sad to see old favourites disappear, but on the positive, it gives us the opportunity to try something else.

Later this month we see two new coffees from Nicaragua.  This will be in place of our Mexican coffee which also, has almost come to an end. I know a lot of you really love the Mexican but don't despair as more on the way July/Aug!

Our Mocha Java changes yet again.  No more Harrar from Ethiopia (as the mocha part) so will be blending with the real thing from the Yemen. Comments welcomed!!

As you can see our coffee list changes with the seasons and with availability. Our aim this year is to bring you lots of new and exciting offerings!

A big thank you to all who voted for us in Nadhim Zahawi's (our local MP) shop awards.  We didn't win but I know lots of you took the time to vote and we've had some wonderful comments so a BIG thank you! The winner was a lovely little gift shop called The Arter. Check them out if you're ever in town.  

Oh I nearly forgot!  The head distiller at  Cotswolds Distillery  has developed a wonderful Espresso Martini using our coffee. He actually distilled the coffee!  It's a gorgeous thing and must be sampled! Exclusive to the distillery at the moment!

Wishing you all health and happiness and an abundance of good coffee!

Anne and the Monsoon boys!

1 March 2015

Suppliers to Sheepskin Holiday Lets

We are absolutely delighted to be supplying coffee for Sheepskin  for their customer welcome packs.  Sheepskin is a great local holiday let company, based in Chipping Norton, and has the most fantastic portfolio of gorgeous, unique and interesting properties.  Go on have a look! http://www.sheepskinlife.com

13 February 2015

February so Far

January was the calmest month we've had in ages - so welcomed as February has kicked off big time!!

Mr Monsoon spent the first week at the NEC in Birmingham at their Spring Fair.  He and the lovely Scott (ex HR Coffee) were the 'support act' to a new product launch for MagiCup! Basically they were there to make coffee  to showcase the MagiCup and to talk loads about Monsoon Estates!  Poor old Mr Monsoon took about a week to recover, as did I!

Good luck to MagiCup, a great little product with a special lid that seals off if the cup is dropped or knocked over! Also good luck to Scott who is now in London at one of those super trendy, hipster, busy  new coffee places!

New coffees - look out for the great Daterra's from Brazil.  We'll drip feed them through as only have limited amounts.

In March we hope to have some Nicaraguan micro lots, these can be very special, grown in small amounts in separate little areas within a farm or estate.  

More new ones from Papua New Guinea on the way - this origin never disappoints (hope I don't regret saying that)!

I've ordered a ton of Ethiopian stuff this year as I'm sick of running out.  We have sacks of the stuff reserved including the ever beautiful Yirgacheffe from Negele Gurbitu and the elusive Harrar!  Really excited for May and June!  Hurrah for Harrar!!!

My other new coffee is a first for us, Yemeni Mocha Matari.  A real Mocha coffee and my most expensive yet!  I can't wait to try this.  Maybe end of  Feb or beginning of March

We now have a new decaf from Peru.  It's also from Swiss Water where all our decaf coffees come from.  Still early days but I think this will be a lovely coffee.  Definitely chocolaty!

We also have a small amount of Cascara from our Sumatran Wahana coffee.  Cascara is the dried fruit of the coffee cherry  and it's brewed just like a tea and tastes fantastic!  That will be available later in February.

Now Warwick Market on 21st of February  will be as quickie for us as having a short break.  We will attend from 0800hrs till 1100hrs just time enough for you to get supplies. Our webshop will be closed from 21st - 24th.

Only other thing to remind you of this month  is that some kind soul has nominated us for Nadhim Zahawi for Stratford-on-Avon best independent shop awards.  We're not strictly a shop but our little market stall sells stuff and we're very independent and we're Stratford based and we sell at the roastery and we're a kind of shop etc etc etc. It's all judged on how many nominations you get so if you have a few seconds and think we deserve it go to www.zahawi.com/shops and vote.  Nominations close on 14th February.   I'm told best nomination gets a prize too. So give it a go!!

Hope you're all having a great February!

1 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Hello to all our wonderful customers, coffee nuts and friends!

As we approach the New Year we look back on 2014 wondering where on earth it went!

Things at Monsoon Estates seemed to fly by!

We started the year with our fab new roasting machine and Mr Monsoon's trip to Germany to learn all about it!  Can you believe as we enter 2015 we are talking about needing another!

Some great new coffees along the way.  Our first Mexican and our first El Salvador Pacamara. Both beautiful and incredibly popular. As the year progressed we took delivery of coffees from Burundi and Rwanda.  Lighter, brighter and both a bit on the fruity side. Our offerings from Daterra in Brazil never disappoint. Full Bloom and Sweet Collection will be available over the next few months but small amounts so snap it up while you can! Two stand out coffees for me this year would have to be Wahana Estates dry processed beans from Sumatra and our beautiful Indian Balmaadi Estates. We struggled a bit with the Old Brown Java. Supplies were very inconsistent, so much so, that we did consider discontinuing altogether but glad to say our last batch was very good so it stays on our list for the time being!

In May my boys went to Le Mans to watch our very good friend (with Monsoon Estates on his car) get third in the support race for the 24 hour.  I was supposed to be there but we were just too busy!

In the summer we attended a few events kicking off with Daylesford then The Alscot Home and Garden Show and finishing with the fantastic Shipston Food Festival.

August brought the Great Taste Award results and with it our 4 awards. We were over the moon.

In November we had a mention in The Skint Foodie's Christmas menu which was in The Observer Foodie  magazine and The Guardian online. That Sunday morning I thought our website had malfunctioned or that someone was playing a joke on us as there were pages of orders!  It was all real and very exciting. The three Monsoon's spent all weekend and early part of the next week at the roastery and just managed to fulfil all the orders without running out of coffee!

November also saw the arrival of our very new web site. It couldn't have come soon enough!

Another mention in a Foodie Blog in December by the lovely Rebecca Williams ended the year nicely for us!

All in all 2014 has been brilliant for our little business. For that,  we thank you all, as without you,  it would not be possible!  The feedback we get from you is invaluable so keep it coming!

We really do wish you all a very Happy New Year and don't forget keep warm - drink coffee!

Anne, Chris and Willie Monsoon xxx

Ps Well done to my other boy Lewis Hamilton for his mahoosive year and another world championship!  Also to Dan,  my man at Mercedes, for my gorgeous signed poster!!  Made me very happy!