3 March 2019

March Already!

Some of our supplies have been a little hit and miss lately.  Some simply due to poor harvests or late shipments, others because we are generally busier and we've just run out!
Coffee is a natural product, a crop that harvests once or twice a year.  I have to book my coffee a year ahead to ensure availability for the year.  I'm sorry if some of you are disappointed when a coffee runs out.  I used to be devastated but have learned that  when something isn't available it makes me look for an alternative which is sometimes better.  It's actually more exciting!

Changes online recently have been removal of Nicaraguan Pacamara, (don't despair as the Maragogype returns next month), removal of Will's Winter Blend (hopefully spring is just around the corner), addition of our wonderful Papua New Guinea Sigri and of the lovely Peruvian Aprysa.  Our Guatemalan Monte Rosa is in short supply until new harvest arrives in April.  In meantime try Guatemalan Atitlan.